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Black German Shepherd Puppy

Black German Shepherd Puppy and Dog Breeder

German Shepherds are bred in several colors, including black and red, black and tan, and black. A black German Shepherd is a wonderful dog breed to own. These dogs were originally bred in German, hence their breed name. They are excellent family dogs and are wonderful protectors as well. A German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds used by police all over the world due to their protective and obedient behavior. German Shepherds also make excellent guard dogs as well. They are very intelligent and respond well to training, even at a young age. You can feel safe and secure around your black German Shepherd because they will protect you at all times. If you have children, your dog will love to play with them since they have plenty of energy to use throughout the day.

A black German Shepherd puppy requires special care to become a successful member of the family for many years. These amazing dogs respond well to training at a young age. Our puppies can be trained in many things soon after they are in their new home with you. If you have children, your black German Shepherd puppy will become a protective and loving part of the family. To prevent hip and elbow dysplasia from occurring in your puppy, have them on a great diet from the start. You will need to give them a specific diet of raw meat, an all natural diet, or dog food made of all human grade ingredients. You also want to make sure not to overfeed your puppy, since this can lead to improperly developed bones. A black German Shepherd puppy needs exercise, but not too much exercise, especially at a young age.

We are a top-notch black German Shepherd dog breeder based in MacDowall, Saskatchewan. We are family owned and operated. Our main male breeder is Hondo, a beautiful black German Shepherd. He is young, very smart, friendly, and has a wonderful personality. We have bred plenty of black German Shepherds through Hondo. He is certified for hip and elbows, so there is no worry that he will produce a puppy with poorly developed elbows and hips. Hondo comes from an impressive line of very intelligent German Shepherds, many who were used as police dogs and security patrol dogs. We are expecting many black puppies from our litter this year. If you are looking for a black German Shepherd dog breeder with excellent lines, please consider Hondo and our other wonderful dogs here at Ulvilden German Shepherds.

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