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Female German Shepherds

Black Female German Shepherds for Sale Near Me

Female German Shepherds make excellent pets and companions. Female German Shepherds are generally smaller and make better house dogs than their male counterparts. They do not get as dominant or aggressive as male German Shepherds. They can be easier to train since female German Shepherds are more willing to please their handlers than male German Shepherds. Female German Shepherds will go into season twice a year, unless they are spayed. If you are looking for a friendly companion or family dog, a female German Shepherd will be an excellent choice. For those curious about female German Shepherds, you can schedule a visit with us to meet our females to see how wonderful these animals are. Since female German Shepherds are usually smaller than males, they don't need as much food as well. Schedule a time to see for yourself how wonderful these animals are.

If you are looking for an all black German Shepherd, contact us at Ulvilden German Shepherds in MacDowall, Saskatchewan to meet our wonderful breed dogs. An all black German Shepherd is not a separate breed of Shepherds. There are some differences between black Shepherds and other German Shepherd dogs. Black German Shepherds are rare compared to other colors of Shepherds, making them pricier. Many black animals are not true black. An all black German Shepherd is completely black. Black German Shepherds may also be larger. These beautiful animals are just as friendly and intelligent as other colors of German Shepherds. Please contact us if you are interested in taking home an all Black German Shepherd, and we will be happy to help.

You may be thinking if there are black German Shepherds for sale near me. Contact a breeder to get more information about these wonderful animals. We are expecting black puppies in our litter this year here at Ulvilden German Shepherds in MacDowall, Saskatchewan. Our male breeder, Hondo, is a black German Shepherd. Most of the German Shepherds we are breeding this year are black or sable. Did you know that a German Shepherd that is not black can produce black puppies? A German Shepherd must carry the recessive solid black gene to produce black German Shepherd puppies. Please contact us to learn more about the wonderful puppies we produce and more. You can also check out our website to see images of our dogs and read more about the bloodlines we breed. You can also contact us to see if there are black German Shepherds for sale near me.

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