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German Shepherd Litter

German Shepherd Litter Available

To find out if there are black German Shepherd puppies for sale near you, do some online research and talk to owners of black German Shepherds. These rare dogs make excellent family pets, companions, work and show animals. To produce a black German Shepherd puppy, both the male and female breeder dogs have to carry the recessive solid black gene. The parents may not be black, but as long as they carry this special gene, you can expect some black puppies in their litter. German Shepherd puppies will have coats of hair that change to their adult color around 8 weeks of age. Black German Shepherd puppies will most likely be all black. If the puppies' hair changes to white or brown, they are not true black German Shepherds. Contact local German Shepherd breeders to see if there are black German Shepherd puppies for sale.

A German Shepherd litter can be a great find for those looking to bring one of these wonderful animals home to become part of their family. Make sure to do plenty of research on the breed and talk to German Shepherd owners to see if this breed is the right fit for your family and lifestyle. As the name entails, these German bred dogs were used to protect and herd sheep, which means they need to stay active to keep out of trouble. They were not originally considered family dogs, but workers used on the farm to help farmers with their herds. World War 1 made this breed of dogs popular in other parts of the world. Today, German Shepherds still make excellent working dogs, as well as devoted and loyal members of the right family. Start looking for a quality German Shepherd litter to add one to your family today.

A full black German Shepherd can make an excellent choice as a family dog or work dog. These rare and extremely intelligent dogs require attention and care to stay successful members of a family or as a working dog. Many black German Shepherd owners are surprised and impressed at how young these dogs can be trained in obedience classes and at home. If you are planning on having your full Black German Shepherd as part of your family with kids, make sure to expose them to everyone in the family early on and constantly so that they get used to everyone in the family. These large dogs may look intimidating due to their color and size, but make extremely loyal and friendly family pets with the right care and training.

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