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Why Avoid Backyard German Shepherd Breeders?

Backyard German shepherd breeders are motivated by profit. There are many ads from unscrupulous breeders that fill the classifieds. These breeders may appear like nice next-door neighbors and they may treat their dogs just as good as a family pet. However, if you continuously breed an animal for profit it can jeopardize the animals’ welfare. Animals likely won’t receive proper veterinary care. Some backyard breeders may only breed the dog once in a while but then this means they aren’t knowledgeable on how to breed responsibly or know about genetic defects or screening. Proper breeding requires more than just putting two dogs together.


Red flags and indicators of backyard German shepherd breeders are sellers who have different types of purebreds that are being sold at six weeks old. These breeders may be reluctant to show any potential customers the entire premises where animals are being kept and they won’t ask a lot of questions of potential buyers.

Tips for Finding Local German Shepherd Breeders

Local German shepherd breeders can be invaluable since they are the bridge between you and your perfect dog.


Get a Referral: Ask for referrals from trusted friends or your veterinarian. A responsible breeder won’t sell dogs through a pet store.


Go in Person: This is another reason why it’s important to find local German shepherd breeders in MacDowall, SK, Canada. Going in person is the only way to observe the breeder and the dogs.

Ask Questions: Come prepared with a list of questions. You can’t ask too many questions and there aren’t any dumb questions. Does the breeder explain things clearly? Do you feel like you have a good rapport? A responsible breeder will want to see their dogs healthy and happy so they will want to share their knowledge.


See the Puppy’s Parents: The best way to see how your German shepherd will grow up is by looking at the parents. It can give you an idea of the appearance, temperament, and size.

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