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OFA GS-102133G25M-VPI         Certified for Hip and Elbows 

Hondo is a super young man, intelligent, outgoing and has a sweet personality.  He is a son of

Cert z Kolovecskeho mlyna IPO 3 SECURITY K9, a certified security patrol dog.  Hondo shows incredible intelligence, as well as being a gentle giant but don’t let that fool you, he is also protective and has a wonderful deep bark to let us know when strangers come around and faces threats to his humans head on. He has the same old man attitude as his father Cert and the solid confidence of both his parents.  Some of Hondo's other ancestors are    VD Herra z Pohranicni straze CSZVV2, IPO1, ZPS1,5CY2/N ,   Koran z Pohranicni straze ZVV.1, IPO.1, SCHH.1 ,   VD(CZ) Adir z Pohranicni straze ZV1,   and leading back to SG Kaso z Pohranicni straze (1988) ZVV1, SP/PS, CZECH POLICE DOG,  and V Arko vom Gräfental SchH3/FH/PSH1 .  


Imported German Shepherd parents

DM Clear by Parantage

Yadine of Kreative imported German Shepherd from U.S.

Titles: RPD3DM Status: "Clear by Parentage"HD/ED: Good/Normal (2 year, OFA)  Yadine is a medium sized female with high ball/prey drives, medium civil drive and extreme agility. She is a fierce protector with an impressive pedigree herself, including Salztalblick kennels superstars such as Nino, Paska and of course Vanesko. Her sire, Kimbo, an aggressive and fierce protectorwho passed on not only the working drives, but exceptional hip health as well.


VD, Barney Helipeky
imported German Shepherd from the Czech Republic
Titles: IPO3, ZVV1
HD/ED: 0/0 / 0/0
DM Tested: Found Free of DM

Barney Helipeky is a great stud dog from another great dog, Dinoso vom Eisernen Kreuz. His mother, Fergie is also a very impressive female with top scores and a fantastic pedigree full of World famous dogs! Many famous kennels are represented in Barney's pedigree like Staatsmacht, Wolfsheim, Mohnwiese, Stribrneho Kamene and Adelegg, just to name a few.

Barney is a big strong, thick boned stud dog that achieved his IPO 3 title before he was three years old and did it with very high scores, too. He is a great looking dog that combines the best of the German working lines and the old Czech/DDR bloodlines. He has near perfect hips and elbows, a high show score for confirmation and the ability to turn it on or shut it off when needed. He should make a great stud dog for the production of great family dogs that know how to protect without being to aggressive or uncontrollable. 

From time to time, we need to replace our males when we have kept daughter, sisters, etc.  We do not linebreed our dogs but prefer to introduce fresh genetics in order to preserve the health of our dogs.

Jet is an awesome big boned black male. He is an Alsa/Baron son who shows incredible intelligence,as well as being a gentle giant but don;t let that fool you, he is also protective and has a wonderful deep bark to let us know when strangers come around. He has the same old man attitude as his father Baron and the solid confidence of both his parents. His pedigree goes back to some of the finest dogs from the lines of Grafental, Schaferliesel, Gleisdreieck, Wera vom Haus Pontone and many more, as well as PSD here in Canada. You can follow Jet's pedigree back on the database through his mothers line, complete with pictures directly to 

V Horand von Grafrath (Hektor Linksrhein) 


Lene (Sparwasser) (1884) 



Baron was a large heavy boned, solid male that loved to work, he was calm and was born with an “old man” attitude in that nothing seems to faze him and he has passed on that attitude to his sons Jet and Axle. He has proven himself a sire of outstanding puppies in both personality, heavy bone and size. He was a very stable confident dog in any situation. He was a pleasure to have with us and is greatly missed..


Yago is a solid black male with a great attitude, lots of play drive an awesome sense of humor and beautiful to look at. . Yago has superior drives and excellent obedience. Yago has proven to be a wonderful asset to our breeding program passing on his supreme intelligence and work ethic as well as his rich coloring on to his puppies. Yago is the son of Adir Kar-Lav PSD ( a Black and Red Male, imported from the Czech Republic)

 Yago's mother is January's Juno, BH AD


Saban is a large heavy boned male,  The son of V Drago vom Patriot SchH3. IPO3, and grandson of the famous Irmus Gala Nalag SCHH3, IPO3, (WUSV/FCI), V1 USCA Working Dog Ch. 2013 and V Nox Del Lupo Nero IPO3, SchH3, as well as the  great grandson of the great Hokey Va Pe  IPO3, SCHH3, WM FCI, WUSV, what can you say when these greats have contributed their genes to this dog.  He and his offspring, Breeze are amazing.

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