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How to Help Your New German Shepherd Puppy Adjust to Their New Home

Once you decide to bring a German Shepherd or any new puppy home, it's up to you to do your homework to ensure that your new pup has an easy adjustment to their new home. Of course, before you can think of bringing your puppy home, it is up to you to research the breed to make sure they are a good fit for your family. After that, it is time to search for 'German Shepherds near me,' or ' German Shepherd for sale.' Never get a puppy from anyone other than a reputable breeder who loves and understands the breed. It helps ensure that you get a healthy, happy puppy. Once you choose your new puppy, keep the following tips in mind.

It's Time to Shop

Make sure that you're ready when it's time to bring the new furry family member home. Stop at your local pet store and pick up supplies.

  • A harness and leash. A harness is better and safer for puppies.

  • Food and water bowls.

  • Quality food. Read the ingredients.

  • Toys.

  • Grooming brush.

  • A crate if you plan to crate train your new puppy.

The Time to Start Training is Day One

It's easy to overlook training when you are dealing with an adorable puppy but don't. The time to start training is when you bring the dog home. It is up to you to show the puppy how to live in your home. He's a baby, and he has no idea. If you don't start training now, it will be harder down the line. Keep in mind that this puppy is going to grow into a large, intelligent dog.

Don't Confuse the Dog.

Every person in the household needs to be on the same page when it comes to training, what is allowed, and what is not. Consistency is what your puppy needs. If you're not consistent, you are confusing the dog.

Train with Love

You don't have to be harsh to train a dog. It would be best if you never were strict with your dog. Use praise and treat based training. Dogs respond better to this type of training. Never hit or frighten your dog.

All of the above tips should help your dog adjust to their new environment. Consistent training, done with love, is the perfect way to teach your dog to be an excellent family member.

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