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Feeding Pure German Shepherds

Pure German shepherds need proper nutrition. Food should not be filled with filler ingredients and pure German shepherds should have quality food that has animal protein. You can feed a German shepherd wet or dry dog food, or a combination. Try to resist giving your dog any table scraps since people food can be unhealthy.


German shepherds should be fed age-appropriate good. As the dog ages, they have different nutritional needs. When you are switching between types of dog food, mix them together gradually over the course of a few weeks. Be sure to feed your dog the correct amount for its size and age. It’s best to divide food intake into two or more smaller meals. Giving a small meal will help reduce the chance of bloat, which can be life-threatening. Don’t exercise a German shepherd right after eating.


Snacks and treats should also be healthy. Treats should make up less than 10% of the calorie intake.


Picking a Male German Shepherd for the Family

A male German shepherd in Duck Lake, SK, Canada, can be more dominant and territorial. They will often mark their territory when they can. These dogs can be very independent and can even be a bit more standoffish. Male German shepherds can be bigger and will reach maturity a bit slower. It can take some more time to train a male. Males can still be trained better than most other dog breeds, but it can take some extra patience. Males not neutered tend to be more dominant.


Whether or not a male German shepherd will fit into your family will depend on the individual puppy and your needs. Spend time with the dog you are thinking about before you make a final decision and see how it can fit into your family. If you already have a dog in the house, then dogs of the opposite sex will tend to get along better.

Should You Get a Female German Shepherd?

Females can be smaller than males. Females can be less possessive over items and personal effects and can be less likely to bond with just one person. Females tend to treat the pack equally unless it’s obvious who feeds, trains, and manages them.


A female German shepherd puppy can be easier to train and will be more sensitive than males. Due to their small size and temperament, they can be a better choice for obedience training. Females will also mature faster than males. The maturity level makes them easier to train. Females can be more tolerant of strangers. It’s important to note that females will go into heat about twice a year unless they are spayed. This will last two or three weeks and during this time, they will attract male dogs. If you have never had a dog before and aren’t sure how to properly train one, then consider a female German shepherd to prevent any dominance issues.

What Makes German Shepherd Dogs Near Me Good Pets?

German shepherd dogs near me can be ideal family dogs due to their caring temperament and calm nature.


Intelligent Dog Breed: Many German shepherd dogs near me may be police dogs since they are intelligent and can easily learn commands.


Respect Owners: These dogs are very caring and have a protective attitude toward owners. This also makes them the ideal companion.


High on Energy Levels: Your children can play with a GSD for as long and as often as they can.

Top Guard Dog Breed: They are one of the best guard dog breeds and many have been known to save their family from intruders.


Generally Healthy: As long as you keep your dog on a healthy diet, these dogs are generally healthy.


Love Children: As long as they are given proper socialization, a GSD will love children.


Easy to Adapt to Your Lifestyle: A GSD god can easily adapt to any lifestyle. You don’t have to go and adjust your day and your dog will adjust to your lifestyle.

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