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What people are saying about our dogs!

Good afternoon,
I just wanted to send you another quick update on how our Sarge is doing (Indy/Yago born Nov. 7). We’ve most recently been getting the ‘there’s no way your dog is that young, he is so big!’ But then they see his big, clumsy puppy-dog legs!
We very quickly learned Sarge’s personality as a shy, apprehensive…but high energy pup. He is the pup that wants to run into the thick of things, but usually just ends up watching the others dogs. He adjusts well to new dogs and people but when more than one dog is involved he definitely likes to just observe or be independent. We have been working hard to make sure that he is properly socialized given his apprehension and our trainer is confident it is normal shy puppy behaviour! We love his personality 
He has finally learned how to bark and boy does he love it! When he is home with both my boyfriend and I, he is relaxed and calm. When it’s just myself with Sarge you can tell that almost a switch flips internally and he instantly knows that he is protecting his mama alone! That’s when he barks at almost every nose outside!
Finally, I need to thank you again as a dog breeder for caring so much about the breed and your dogs and for providing us with such an amazing puppy. Most recently we were at a private training session and his trainer looked at me and told me that he was what a German Shepard is intended to be like, what they used to be like. He was the definition of a true German Shepard that possessed the capability, drive and intelligence to become a police or guard dog but also was able to be a companion dog and safe around kids and family. She told me how disappointed she was with a lot of breeders who tried to force the aggression into their dogs so they fit the ‘police dog’ image to society; resulting in over-aggressive family pets that can give the breed a bad name. She loves his demeanour and personality. I was pleasantly surprised that she was able to pick this out and notice that his pedigree was one of a true German Shepard, not only did it reiterate to me that we made the right decision in getting him from you, but also that she knows her dogs!
We’ll be sure to update you as he grows. He is the perfect fit for us, perfect activity level and absolutely the cutest dog around! He has flown to Nova Scotia and back since we’ve had him and falls right to sleep in vehicles so we’re also super happy that he travels so well!
Thanks again, Sarge has had such a profound impact on both mine and my boyfriends life in the short three months we’ve had him, and we owe a lot of that to the type of dog he is. I know your puppies probably have no problems finding homes but if you ever need a testimonial or someone wants reassurance about your pups, please feel free to pass along my number.

Autumn and Baron’s son
Zues a black and tan German Shepherd

Welcome to “Zeus” son of Autumn and Baron !! Zeus is 7 months old and weighs in @ 100 lbs. He is extremely intelligent and very protective yet such an affectionate family member. In our opinion ” Zeus ” may be one of the finest German Shepherds in the world today !!! Thank you Terry for supplying our family with such a great, awesome dog.

Angel & Yago’s Daughter
Female German Shepherd and Baby
Maggie & Jet’s son
Black and red son of Jet and Maggie

Meet Maggie/Jet son pictured at eight months, he is growing rapidly, a gorgeous German shepherd.  
He is large, black and tan, well proportioned with a very strong and sturdy muscular body.

Baron’s Son and Brother
2 male German Shepherds and baby

Hi I have been a fan of GSDs all my life. I’ve been loved by 2. I have been appalled by the “state” of the breed as I’ve seen them at dog shows. And I thought that the working lines would be too intense. I had really given up on the idea that I would ever find a GSD with a calm, stable temperament and a fantastic structure. Then I found you guys! I am not “in the market” right now for another dog – we have 3!:) But when I am, I will be looking again at your GSDs. Best of luck to you and “keep up the good work”! Cheers Keena

Alsa/Baron Son
Male German Shepherd in Virgin Islands

Hi Terry from the West Virgin Islands It is time for Taggart to let “home” know how he is doing. He is an absolutely great dog! We have had a number of shepherds over the years, all of whom we loved dearly. However, both Bill and I feel that Tag is probably the very best of them all. He is extremely smart – he went for a training lesson with Osbert, the Customs dog trainer who does the dog training on the island, two weeks ago and really surprised him. He thought that Tag had already had a full course of training. Actually Tag surprised me by how well he worked with Osbert.You only have to tell him twice what you want and he has it. He is also the perfect companion. He wants to be with you. If you disappear behind the car as he is going down the drive, it is only seconds before he comes back to investigate. As you say of his father, very frequently he anticipates what yo are going to want hm to do and has already done it when you turn to give the command. He looks ver smug when his is already sitting! We are off to a great start!

Hanna/Spike Son
German Shepherd puppy
Purchased by Environment Canada for one of their Conservation Officers, thank you Kara
Autumn/Baron Daughter
Black female German Shepherd

Hi Terry: a note to let you know how Ellie is doing. She is a year old now and is 80lbs. She is a beauty and we get compliments about her all the time. She is a very confident and outgoing girl and wants to greet everyone. She is very intelligent and is very athletic I will continue with her training as she is too smart not to. She is attentive,loving and just wants to please and has done very well with obedience. I will continue with her training as she is too smart not to discover her potential as I am sure she will competing at a national
trial in the future. Thank you for breeding the wonderful pups that you do and we are so fortunate to have Ellie. We will keep you posted on her progress!!

Stella/Baron Daughter
German Shepherd and 2 little dogs

Pictured at 7 months, she is strikingly pretty – I get compliments all the time. She is a very strong swimmer and loves to swim after the ball. If you ask her if she wants to go “night night,” no matter where she is in the house or what she is doing, she immediately runs up to the third floor and jumps on my bed and will put her head on the pillow!! But when I am working from home I just tell her “go to your house” and she walks right into her kennel in my study and goes to sleep. She can also be rascally — we are in a constant power struggle around the toilet roll dispenser. I’m losing…. last week I must’ve gone through six jumbo sized rolls. The problem is that I can’t shut the door or the cat (who likes to drink from the tap) sits outside the door and meows nonstop — so it’s like pick your poison!! Anyway, that is my update! I have attached a pic below. Hope you and your family are well – Karen

Kadie/Yago son and daughter
RCMP owned

Sold to members of the RCMP Cameron and Daniel

Autumn/Baron Son pictured at 4 months
Family pictures including their puppies

Just wanted to say thank you again for the pup, and kudos to youself and all your helpers for the dogs you raise. Jet has been so easy to train. Jet is now 11 weeks old and to this point we have him potty trained, he is able to sit, laydown, shake a paw, come when called, and healing on a leash. I think that is incredible for a dog to be able to do all that at his age. I am just starting to work with him in tracking so I will keep you posted on how that goes but by the way things have been going it should go well….thank you Terry.

Autumn/Baron Son
Autumn/Baron son.

Constance a member of the RCMP says “just a not to let you know Rico an (Autumn/Baron Pup) is doing very well. He has been going to obedience class and doing awesome, he is very focused and wants to please. The instructor just loves him and we use him a lot to do demos. He has adjusted well to our other dogs and my husband has been found on the floor playing with him and that is so great to see because he never got a chance to do this with our other Shepherd.Yes he is very protective of me , he tries puts himself in between me and whoever is with me, he is a wonderful dog he is my partner and friend

Alsa/Baron Son Purchased by a member or the RCMP
Baron/Alsa son

Mel a member or the RCMP Says: I’m forwarding two pictures of Sam . He’s over 100 pounds at 10 months, is very obedient and smart. I will stop in some time with him, but I will call you in advance.

Stella/Baron Son
Black male German Shepherd

Hi Terry: Rex is now 5 months. 62 lbs. He is so beautiful. We get comments all the time when we walk him. He is such a great puppy. Very well behaved. We took him camping this weekend and he did great. Even all the little dogs around barking all day, they never really bothered him. I just can’t say enough how much we love him. The older he gets the more protective he gets. Thanks again for the great dog. He was the perfect fit for this family. Tanya

Maggie/Jet Daughter pictured at 5 months
Maggie/Jet daughter
Brodie/Yago Daughter
Brodie/Yago daughter black female

I just wanted to let you know that Kola is doing well. She is a fantastic dog. We think she is way ahead of our last German Shepherd at the 8 month stage. She is very clever and obedient and great with kids. She loves to play ball, go swimming and play with her best friend Sage a 7 year old chocolate lab. She get 2-3 walks a day and still wants more. She is great with other dogs but she might just be a bird dog! She loves to stock the birds in the fields around our house and has caught 1 already. We love her to death and couldn’t be happier. Oh! I almost forgot she is our goalie when we play hockey with my nephews.

Autumn/Baron Daughter
Large black female

​Crystal from Timmons, Ontario says Good Morning Terry, Our new puppy is doing really well! She has had good nights and has been a pleasure during the day! She meets every new environment with apt curiosity and is not fearful of any new animals she encounters. She adores our Guinea Pig however has not made her mind up about one of our cats yet – she barks at him alot but I suspect that she’ll get over that as soon as he stops staring at her like he can taste her! We involved her in the barn yesterday while doing chores several times during the day and she is very interested in checking out new smells. She is not bothered by or overly stimulated by the horses calling. While feeding them this morning my husband and I took her out with us to walk the grain rounds and she was interested in watching them but not barking or acting scared. We will continue over the next few weeks to keep her on a long tether while near any livestock as to remind her of her boundaries and of course to keep her safe. Our shepherd has readily adopted her presence and interacts with her positively and the other dog has begun to show some interest in her too – certainly both are very tolerable of her. She still is minding her place and taking her cues on how to behave and interact with the older dogs from them. She has a healthy appetite and drinks well and often, is learning the limitations of a leash and walking pretty well with all our our two girls included. There is not a boarder in my barn that is not super impressed with how well adjusted your pup is! Thank you again for taking the time to socialize and work with your puppies- Job Well Done!!

Kadie/Yago Daughter
Black/tan female

Jamie from Sherwood Park, AB. says I just wanted to let you know that Eve has settled into our home nicely, her and Jessie (our old lady) are getting along fabulously. She really is an amazing dog, she is so smart, I am bombarded with compliments on how beautiful and well behaved she is whenever we are out. She was the perfect addition to our family, thank you for her Terry, you really do breed amazing dogs! I’ve attached a picture of her in the dandelion field just out of town where we like to go play!

Kadie Son Full Brother to Baron
Baron's brother

Ross in NWT says This is a picture we took of Bruno keeping an eye on a black bear that was swimming beside the boat in the MacKenzie River. The bear was about 10 feet from the boat and Bruno wasn’t the least bit intimidated as you can see from the pictures. The third picture is from last summer. He has really has developed into a great dog, tremendous drive and determination and incredibly athletic. I have to be careful what I ask him to do as he is fearless and won’t give up until called off. I feel guilty that I’m probably allowing him to realize only a fraction of what he is capable of. You can really see his natural abilities for obedience, tracking, and protection. He is very good natured and gentle but suspicious of strangers and seems to know when to turn into a guard dog. We had some kids trying to get into the house last summer in the middle of the night, Bruno met them at the door, barked once and they took off running, better than any alarm system. Take care and thanks again for Bruno.

Kadie Son Barons Full Brother

Purchased by a member of the Saskatoon City Police

Sadie/Jet Son

Hi, Terry! Well we will fill you in on our first day with Nico. First he is an awesome traveler. He slept until we were a block from home. When we got home, Wayne took him for a walk on the leash about 5 houses down. Brought hm in, introduced hm to Miley, and our 2 cats. He growled at the male cat but is great with the female lol. He cried for about 15 minutes and that was it. He is a calm relaxed little guy! We put him in the crate in our room around 11:00 and he slept until 5:00 a.m. He went out to pee and right back to bed until we got him up at 7:30. He is a well behaved little guy! Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy, we will definitely be referring your kennel to everybody we know.

Thought I would send you a couple of pictures of Trigger. He is doing so good, growing like a weed! People can’t believe how big he is, his paws catch a lots of people’s eyes.He is too cute and so well-mannered. He gets along really well with other pups/dogs and is very good around kids.

Here is a link to a little slide show we did, we just had so many pictures, we thought it would be cool if you could see him growing up. You might recognize on e of the other GSDs in the pics…….Bruno, Tara’s dads dog (Ross in NWT). Even thought the two half brothers live miles apart, the two of them must know they are related because they “were” like two peas in a pod…..But like all brothers, now that they are older, are trying to “rule the roost” so to speak……I am sure they will figure it out though…. Anyway ….thanks so much for your wonderful dogs, and perhaps we will see you in the future when it is time for another one of your GSDs Sincerely Chris & Tara


I just had to send you a quick e-mail to tell you what wonderful puppy Maggie is. She was perfect on the 3 1/2 hour long ride home, we stopped twice to let her out but she didn’t do anything. She did not go in the car the entire trip, and as soon as we got home I took her outside to her area and she immediately went to the bathroom. She has not gone in the house once since we brought her home, and by the end of the first night she was going to the patio doors when she needed to go outside. Just remarkable!!! The very first night we put her in her crate be side Deanna’s side and after she realized someone was right beside her she slept right through the night, and when I let her out in the morning she went straight outside. No accidents at all. You can tell you have spent time with her, she is very outgoing, verymischievous (in a good way) and when anyone has come over to see her she runs over and greets them right away. We could not be happier and will recommend you and your dogs to anyone we know that is looking for a great pup…Thanks again.

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