V Marni vom Haus Cismar
imported German Shepherd from Germany
Born: December 24th 2013
DM Tested: Normal
HD/ED: (OFA 3 year) good/normal

Marni is a very beautiful daughter of the stud dog Brando. She has earned the SCHH3 and has a HD/ED normal / normal rating on her hips and elbows. She is a fancy prancing female that has high prey drive with the ability to shut it off when at home and turn it on when working.


Yadine of Kreative

Titles: RPD3
DM Status: "Clear by Parentage"
HD/ED: Good/Normal (2 year, OFA)AD, BH, SCHH3, RPD3

Imported German Shepherd 

Dina comes from great CHEZ lines with her sire Kimbo vom Kloster Thedinga, grand sireSCHH3, IPO3, RPD3, EDD2, KKl1
SG, Zoran Ben Ju and grand And great DDR lines on her dam's side  V Vanesko vom Salztalblick
IPO3, SCHH3, Kkl1, ZW-79, RPD-3 EDD-

Yadine is a medium sized female with high ball/prey drives, medium civil drive and extreme agility. She is a fierce protector with an impressive pedigree herself, including Salztalblick kennels superstars such as Nino, Paska and of course Vanesko. Her sire, Kimbo, an aggressive and fierce protectorwho passed on not only the working drives, but exceptional hip health as well.


Tessy Dejuco

Tessy is the daughter of BH, AD Bravo z Trojmezi and De Juco Maya granddaughter of the world famous ZVV3 V Navar Hronovsky pramen  and VD Tina Jip-Me 5V!/P,ZVV!,ZP01  and FCI World Champion 2013, WUSV Universal Sieger, Slovakian Working Champion, 2013 IPO3, 2x WUSV.  Outstanding bloodlines you will appreciate in your puppy.

Tessy is a very intelligent easy going girl with drive but the ability to turn it off in the house. A great protector if needed and is a wonderful girl, intelligent and a great mother and producer of well rounded puppies either for work or companions.



Abbigail von Ulvildens (Abbey), a Tessy/Grizz;y daughter. Her liniage covers West German and Czech, and Slovakian backgrounds combining in a wonderful large heavy boned girl with low drives, and great intelligence and beauty as well as deep rich black/red color. Her ancestors include Bravo z Trojmezi BH, AD,V Chris spod Lazov FCI WORLD CHAMPION 2013, WUSV Universal Sieger, Slovakian Working Champion, IPO3, 2X WUSV ; V Faro Demin dvor SLOVAKIAN WORKING CHAMPION 2011, IPO3, SCHH3, WUSV 2010 15°, FCI 2010 9°, WUSV-UNI 2011 3°, CACIT on the mother;s side and on the father's side V Basko vom Barmstein SCHH3, VA1(GB), V26 BSZS 2016 Zeus vom Bierstadter Hof IPO3, VA Yankee vom Feuermelder IPO3, SchH3. She is a great dog to have here and we look forward to spending many years with her.


Sasha is large, heavy boned, confident young female with her father Baron’s confidence and “old man attitude that Baron passes on to his prodigy. Sasha is a combination of working and show lines to produce her outstanding looks, personality, size and intelligence. She is outgoing and willing to try just about anything and is always watching out for her family. She passes on confidence, intelligence, heavy bone and nice size  as well as personality to her offspring. Her pedigree includes Bure von Norbreeze SCHH 3, FH, WUSV Kkl 2  V-BSP 1990, SG-BSP 1993, G-BSP 1991, SCHH3, IPO3, FH, BH, AD, DNA

V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft V-BSP 1990, SG-BSP 1993, G-BSP 1991, SCHH3, IPO3, FH, BH, AD, DNA ,  SG Del vom Rosenstadt SCHH 1 ,

CH De'Bruts Coal Town,  SEL CH (US/CAN) Winning Ways Chimo TC , and CH (US) Lin-Ter's Tiburon Of Chablis to name a few.

GS-100224G36F-VPI   Certified  OFA


Danke’ is a daughter of Only von Lünsholz, SchH1, AD, BH, RPD3 and SG Bix vom Wietzestrand, SCHH3, LGA 2011, 2012, RPD3.  She is a strong heavy boned, medium sized, female with a great personality and low key energy. She has her parents protective instincts and the intelligence to know when to use them.

Both of her parents were imported from Germany and some of her ancestors are V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft V-BSP 1990, SG-BSP 1993, G-BSP 1991, SCHH3, IPO3, FH, BH, AD, DNA,  V Uno vom Stadtfeld SCHH3, IPO3 ,  and SG Olix von den Wannaer Höhen SCHH3 - 2X BSP, to mention a few.


Xila is a sweet, and happy medium size girl that loves to play and fetch and just enjoys being with her owners. Xila's  parents are: Sire: Hoky Va-Pe IPO3 SCHH3 ZVV3, Dam: ORNELA Sunami, IPO 3, SVV 3 , Xila has been imported directly from Slovakia, Her ancestors include: V Tyson von der Schiffslache SCHH3 (3 X BSP), IP3, SG Unar von der Maineiche 3 X LGA (SCHH3), BSP(SCHH3), FCI (IPO3) and SG Ike vom Haus Larwin SCHH1. 

A Grande Lady Forever in Our Hearts, We'll miss you!
RIP March 15, 2010- April 10, 2020

Autumn is heavy boned and has an excellent personality, while excepting everything she lets strangers know that she is watching. She is a calm happy girl that loves nothing more that being with her people. Autumn is a large female weighing 98 lbs.  She is the daughter of Chambos Black Ozz and Boom Lake's "Miss Harley"

Only von Lünsholz

Only is a very strong, heavy boned female with an excellent pedigree. Her mother, Nora has been a great producer of excellent hips and elbows and outstanding progeny

HD/ED: a normal / normal

Titles: SchH1, AD, BH, RPD3


DN672500   OFA Hips and Elbows

Breeze is a combination of working and show lines to produce her outstanding looks, personality, size and intelligence. She is outgoing and willing to try just about anything and is always watching out for her family..  She is a daughter of Autumn and Saban, a V Drago vom Patriot SchH3. IPO3 grand-daughter.A few other ancestors worth mentioning are Irmus Galan Nalag SCHH3, IPO3, (WUSV/FCI), V1 USCA Working Dog Ch. 2013, V Nox del Lupo Nero IPO3, SchH3, Bona von der Siebengebirgsperle SCHH 1, and Chambos Black Ozz.

Alsa vom haus Hillsview

BH, With Alsa's parents imported from Germany and with her linage having the wonderful DDR in it,

Roxy vom Gräfental

Tino vom Schäferliesel

She passed on her excellent gentle yet protective personality to her offspring and their offspring.  Nyx will carry on her grandmothers great heritage. 


Sadie is a large boned excellent temperamented female who gets along with all dogs big or small.  She is a daughter of sire: Bazou des Voltigeurs , son of VA (CANADA) Balu von der KirchheckSCHH3  and grandson of 


VA3 Leif von der Noriswand SCHH3  and her dam is Bazou des Voltigeurs.

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