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Socialization after German Shepherd Adoption

After German shepherd adoption, it’s important to socialize your dog. Introduce your puppy to people of all sizes, ethnic backgrounds, and ages as soon as possible. This can help reduce the risk that your dog will identify any type of person as a threat. German shepherd dogs quickly bond with their owners, but without exposure to others, they can develop fearfulness and antisocial behaviors around strangers.


Enroll a puppy in obedience training or puppy kindergarten before six months of age and continue until the dog matures. This breed is good at retaining the information following specialized lessons.


Find a spot where your dog can run freely. This breed needs plenty of vigorous activity to channel energy stores and keep muscles strong. A daily walk isn’t enough, so if you won’t be able to have access to a large yard or a dog park, it may not be best to go through with German shepherd adoption. Local kennels clubs can offer agility dog training that helps with these high-energy dogs.


Why Buy a German Shepherd?

There are many reasons to buy a German shepherd. However, before you buy a German shepherd, it’s important you know these are dogs with a lot of energy and you will need to be prepared.


Companionship and Loyalty: These dogs are loyal and extremely friendly dogs. If you live on your own, these dogs can provide the same friendship as humans.


Security: These dogs are faithful and loyal companions so they make a great guard dog. Their size and protectiveness also adds to the ability to be a good watchdog.


Exercise: Since German shepherds need plenty of exercise, this can benefit your own health too.


Physical and Mental Wellbeing: Dogs owners are happier and less prone to depression. They can also suffer from less stress. With so much exercise that is needed, this can also be good for your heart health and overall health.


Better Social Life: German shepherds can make a difference in your social life and this is especially helpful if you live alone. When you take your dog to the park or for walks, you are sure to meet other dog owners.

Do German Shepherd Puppies for Adoption Near Me Shed?

When looking at German shepherd puppies for adoption near me, it’s important to remember that a GSD will shed. No matter the variety, German shepherds sport an undercoat and an outer coat. The outer coat is coarse and thick. The undercoat is thicker and works as a sealant for certain seasons. A GSD will shed year round, but you can expect the heaviest shedding to happen twice a year. Even in times when shedding isn’t as prominent, the volume this breed sheds can be alarming at first. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time grooming the pup or keeping the house clean, then this may not be the breed for you. If you are allergic to dogs, this also isn’t the right breed.


The reason a GSD sheds is because of its origin. The thick coasts are what would protect them during the harsh winters. When summer comes around, this means they need to get rid of it.

Why Breeders Charge for Dogs for Sales

There is a reason why breeders charge for their dogs for sales. The popular saying that you get what you pay for is true for the pet industry. Quality isn’t cheap and buying a quality puppy isn’t either. You are going to have to pay more when you buy from a responsible breeder. There are several factors that can go into the price of a puppy. This includes the cost of veterinary care. Many breeders can spend thousands each year at the vet. Veterinary care can include pregnancy, X-rays, C-sections, and routine blood work. The breeder’s time is also worth the money. The average breeder can spend 120 hours a month caring for their dogs and pups.


Since responsible breeders rarely will breed a family more than twice a year, and depending on how many puppies are in each litter, costs can be high so they can just break even. Remember you are paying for quality when choosing dogs for sales.

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