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This puppy or dog is guaranteed against developing hip dysplasia (moderate or severe), or elbow dysplasia until (60) months of age. Diet, exercise and environment have been proven to effect the expression and severity of dysplasia.  Therefore the Buyer agrees to follow the Feeding and Care guidelines included with this dog.   Any attempt to dislocate the joint during palpation will void the hip guarantee. In the event crippling hip or elbow dysplasia is diagnosed in the period of guarantee, using only Orthopedic Foundations for Animals (OFA) accepted technique and correct positioning, the Buyer will immediately notify the Seller. The Buyer shall promptly provide the Seller with a copy of the radiograph used for diagnosis, and a letter from the attending Veterinarian, which will include the following information:  


1)       The full registered name of this dog.

2)       The date of the radiograph (x-ray).

3)       The name of the dog's owner.

4)       The name of the Veterinarian and Clinic that took the radiograph.

5)       The permanent ID code (microchip) number of the dog, and statement that the ID was checked at the time of the radiograph to verify the identity of this dog..


The Seller, and/or the Seller's Veterinarian will review the radiograph. In the event the Seller does not agree with the diagnosis of the Buyer's Veterinarian, the Seller will submit the radiograph to the OFA, at the Seller's expense. The opinion of the OFA shall prevail. If this dog has crippling (moderate to severe) dysplasia, and the claim is made as provided for in the terms of this agreement within the period of guarantee, the Seller shall provide or offer a free replacement dog of equal value (of breeder’s choice), (Buyer to pay only shipping related fees) Pup to be offered with in twelve (12) months of the date of claim. The Buyer of the original dog shall have it sexually neutered or spade, and shall provide a statement that this dog has not been used for breeding before a replacement dog will be provided. If this dog has had puppies the contract is null and void.  If this dog has been sold with breeding rights and is bred before she/he is hip/elbow certified and before she/he is 2 years old all guarantees are null and void. THERE WILL BE NO CASH REFUND. THE BUYER MUST RETURN THE ORIGINAL DOG IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE REPLACEMENT DOG.  

Ulvilden German Shepherds do not guarantee temperament as we do not have any control over how the new owner raises the puppy.


If this dog must be put to sleep, or dies, prior to twelve (12) months of age due to a congenital or inherited problem, the Buyer shall provide the Seller a written statement from the attending Veterinarian. This statement shall list the dog's full name, sex, Microchip number, and the date and reason for the dog's death. The Seller will provide a replacement dog of similar age (at time of purchase), and quality free of charge to the Buyer with in twelve months of the death of the aforementioned dog. The Buyer is to pay only shipping related fees (if applicable) on the replacement dog. NO CASH REFUNDS.  


 If the puppy’s ears are not standing by 4.5 months of age, the owner must contact Ulvilden German Shepherds. Ears will come up and go down during the teething process. Have your vet examine the ears, at this time. If the ears are taped at this time, the ears will stand. Failure to follow this advice will void the warranty.


If this puppy has been purchased for breeding, the puppy is guaranteed have both testicles descend (if a male puppy), and to certify for hips and elbow at 24 months of age.  Testicles may take as long as 12 months to descend. In the case of a pet, the puppy should be neutered at 12 months of age, and this warranty does not apply.




Parasite control: our puppies are all checked for parasites and de-wormed accordingly, once you get your puppy, he or she can contract these parasites (just about anywhere where there is canine traffic) in your environment. Previous worming does not cover a new infestation and it’s the buyer’s responsibility to have the puppy re-examined every so often for the first few months The Buyer understands that the GSD Breed may have other health concerns not covered in this Warranty. Conditions described as “Genetic Predispositions” are not passed from parents to offspring but are common throughout the entire breed. Under no circumstances is the Seller liable for Vets bills incurred for treatment.


Puppy deposit is $500.00 and is only refundable if your pup is for any reason not available!




Our warranty is a replacement puppy warranty and NOT a money back warranty. We do NOT refund money. There are No Exceptions to this.

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